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Cadastral mapping of Spain


- Cadastral Mapping of the General Directorate of the Catastro.
        - This service is free to use.
        - Mapping is updated daily from the cartographic bases of the Catastro.
        - It does not have the official mapping category, so it should not be used for any type of certificate.
        - Bulk download of mapping portions is not allowed.
        - The D.G. Catastro reserves the right to restrict the service for abuse thereof.

More information:


- Navarre Space Data Infrastructure (IDENA)- Spatial Data Infrastructure of Navarre - Government of Navarra

- Provincial Council of Bizkaia. Directorate-General for Catastrophe and Services

- Service of Local and Catastro Tributes (Provincial Council of Alava)

- Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa