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Norway Map Viewer


Mapping viewer with Norwegian spatial data infrastructure services, provided by the Norwegian Land Registry and Land Registry Authority. It allows you to explore and access information on topographic, historical maps, roads, aerial orthophotos, MDT, MDS or the administrative limits of Norway.

Mapping used:

  • Topographic Map
  • Orthophoto
  • Paper Map
  • Roads
  • Historical
  • Digital Terrain Model (MDT)
  • Digital Surface Model (MDS)

Source and download of official data:

Viewer of the latest earthquakes produced in the world


The tectonic plates are in continuous movement on the Earth's asthenosphere, which causes their external zones to limit each other in convergence, divergence or friction, releasing energy and producing earth tremors, which we call earthquakes. The geological results on the Earth's crust of these forces are, among others: rifts, oceanic trenches, island arcs, mountain ranges, geological faults or volcanoes.

Historical cadastral mapping comparison by date


Historical Catastro is the tool that allows you to compare cadastral mapping on different dates to visualize the modifications that occurred. Historical mapping is only available from the time you have cartography in digital format (not before 2002) to the current date.

For more information and downloads:

Historical mapping, minutes and first edition of IGN topographic map


As reported by IGN, the minutes are raster files corresponding to the digitization of the handwritten paper maps preserved in the IGN Technical Archive. This is the work leading up to the completion of the National Topographic Map, in some cases several decades apart from the publication of the first edition of the MTN of the area. This type of documents were mainly made between 1870 and 1950 and are classified into planimetric minutes, altimeymetric minutes and joint minutes of altimetry and planimetry.