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Cadastral mapping of Spain


- Cadastral Mapping of the General Directorate of the Catastro.
        - This service is free to use.
        - Mapping is updated daily from the cartographic bases of the Catastro.
        - It does not have the official mapping category, so it should not be used for any type of certificate.
        - Bulk download of mapping portions is not allowed.

Historical mapping, minutes and first edition of IGN topographic map


As reported by IGN, the minutes are raster files corresponding to the digitization of the handwritten paper maps preserved in the IGN Technical Archive. This is the work leading up to the completion of the National Topographic Map, in some cases several decades apart from the publication of the first edition of the MTN of the area. This type of documents were mainly made between 1870 and 1950 and are classified into planimetric minutes, altimeymetric minutes and joint minutes of altimetry and planimetry.